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Lake Erie


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N42° 4'0.786, W-81° 20'23.788
Lake Erie

About Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and is situated between the United States and Canada. It is the fourth largest of the Great Lakes by surface area, spanning approximately 25,700 square kilometers (9,900 square miles). With an average depth of 19 meters (62 feet) and a maximum depth of 64 meters (210 feet), Lake Erie serves as a significant recreational destination for boaters and water enthusiasts.

Due to its vast size and diverse ecosystem, Lake Erie supports a wide variety of fish species. Popular game fish found in the lake include walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and steelhead trout. Additionally, Lake Erie is known for its abundant populations of muskellunge, northern pike, lake trout, and carp. Boaters and anglers can enjoy the thrill of fishing in these waters, which are teeming with a rich and vibrant aquatic life.

Lake Specs

25700 km
Max Depth
210 ft
571 ft