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Best Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoons are the ultimate vessel for boating, fishing, or just cruising with family and friends. They are the best entertaining boat out there with generous boat seats and unparalleled versatility. Make your pontoon even more versatile with the right pontoon boat accessories.

There are so many options available to turn your pontoon into the custom marine vessel of your dreams. From adding durability to make sure your pontoon lasts for years to come to decking it out with recreational add-ons like inflatable toys, rod holders, boat grills, and more, explore the 10 best pontoon boat accessories below.

1. Pontoon Grill

Cuisinart Grill with Arnall’s Brackets

Any boating accessory that results in grilling delicious food in the middle of a lake is a must-have in our books.

One of the most highly-rated pontoons grills you can buy is the Cuisinart Grill with Arnall’s Brackets. It gets lots of love from reviewers for a reasonable price point, heavy-duty brackets, and rust-free construction.

So what’s the difference between a portable grill and a pontoon grill anyway?

Pontoon grills are made specifically for pontoons with square rail mounts. The grill securely attaches to the rail using a grill bracket, making them sturdy, space-saving, and extremely convenient to use (even when the pontoon is moving). Need we say more?

When choosing yours (and you should), there are just a few key factors to consider. Like any BBQ, you must first decide between charcoal and gas. This one is entirely preferential and a decision you have probably already made on your deck.

Whatever fuels your fire, it’s a good idea to have spare charcoal or propane cylinders on the boat with you to make sure you don’t run low far from the shore.

The second decision you will need to make is the shape of the grill. You can get rectangular or circular pontoon grills. This is another preferential choice. Generally speaking, rectangular grills can hold more food though, so if you will be feeding a large group, that may be your deciding factor.

2. Inflatable Pontoon Boat Slides

SportStuff Spillway Pontoon Slide
SportsStuff SPILLWAY Pontoon Slide

The kids and adult kids in your family will all love an inflatable pontoon boat slide. In our opinion, it is the most fun boating accessory you can add to your pontoon.

A great option for most pontoon boat models is the RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide. This slide ticks all the boxes for durability, ease of use, and a built-in pump. As a bonus, they can support up to 250 pounds, so even the adults can get in on the fun.

Most inflatable pontoon boat slides are designed to fit over the locked gate or side rails of your pontoon and extend into the water. They are easy to set up and come with heavy-duty molded stairs for re-boarding.

Inflatable pontoon boat slides range in sizes, with the most common models sitting around 8 or 9 feet in length. The longer the length, the faster the slide! When it comes to inflatable pontoon boat slides, quality really matters.

You will want to look for a slide made with heavy-duty, marine-grade material that is UV resistant and coated with anti-mold and anti-mildew for extra durability. Investing in quality now will mean years of enjoyment.

It is also recommended to go with a built-in pump model that can inflate and deflate the slide. A good-quality pump should be able to blow up or collapse the slide in 5 minutes or less. Remember, the easier it is to use, the more you’ll use it.

3. Boat LED Lighting Kit

Seapon’s LED Pontoon Boat Light Kit

Your pontoon ride just got lit. Pontoon boat lights can be enjoyed well into the evening, and an LED Light Kit is a great accessory for added ambiance and safety on your pontoon. Pontoon LED Light Kits are available both inside your pontoon and under it.

Seapon’s LED Pontoon Boat Light Kit is a versatile strip lighting kit and that be installed inside or under your pontoon. It comes with self-adhesive sticky backing and can be cut every 2 feet making it very easy to custom fit to your pontoon. It can be installed anywhere you want some added visibility for pathways, underlighting, and more. Your creativity will know no bounds with these kits.

Under Deck Lighting Kit’s are fantastic for visibility on the dark water. The LED lights are 100% waterproof and mounted under your pontoon for a unique glowing effect under the water. The kits are remote-control operated, and many come with multiple color options you can toggle between (and you think your kids liked buttons before).

Lighting inside your boat makes moving around easy when light is low increasing the safety for everyone on your boat. It also adds a beautiful indirect lighting quality that will make you want to enjoy your pontoon well into those long summer nights.

4. Bimini Top

With all the fun-in-the-sun you’re going to be having, a bimini top tops our list of must-have pontoon boat accessories. Bimini tops are a canopy designed to provide the necessary sun and rain protection you will want for your best boating experience.

When choosing a bimini top, make sure to get a top specifically made for pontoon boats. Bimini tops are made for all types of boats. If you are looking for a bimini that is quality construction and built to last, we highly recommend the Seal Skin Covers Supreme Bimini Top.

Bimini tops consist of a simple metal frame and fabric top. Most can be assembled and installed with minimal effort and tools.

A great budget option available on Amazon is the Leader Accessories Pontoon Bimini Top. I love this top because it is solution-dyed, very affordable, and comes in 13 different color options.

Another feature to look for in a bimini is one that is collapsable so that you can have protection when you need it and enjoy the open air when you don’t.

The next most important factor is the fabric. The top will be exposed to the elements and sun, so ensure your fabric is marine-grade, UV resistant, and 100% solution-dyed.

The solution dying process distributes color all the way through the material, making it resistant to color fading over time. Look for fabric brand names like Sunbrella or Outdura, which come in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

There are tons of customization options for your bimini. They are tailor-made by manufacturers like Seal Skin in a range of sizes to fit your exact pontoon make and model. Some also come with features like light cut-outs or side and rear curtains for wind protection.

5. Pontoon Drink Caddy

To wash down your pontoon grilling, you will also want a pontoon drink caddy. These delightful cup holders are designed to mount onto a number of areas of your pontoon to offer a secure place to rest your beverage.

A very versatile option is the Robocup Portable Caddy. This caddy is attached with simple clamps so it is very easy to affix anywhere on your pontoon. It is also designed to double as a fishing rod or pole holder.

Drink holders come in material options like stainless steel, molded plastic, or even outfitted with LED lights for an evening cruise.

They can also be mounted virtually anywhere. Pontoon drink caddies come with options for seat mounting, headrest mounting, rail mounting, suction mounting, and more. Think about the functionality you are looking for, and there is probably a drink caddy for that.

A caddy like this is also perfect for holding all your small items like sunscreen, cell phones, wallets, and more.

6. Pontoon Fishing Rod Holders

AresKo Fishing Boat Rod Holder

For the angler in your family, there’s a pontoon accessory for that. Turn your pontoon boat into the ultimate fishing boat, by outfitting it out with rod holders.

I like the AresKo Pontoon Boat Rod Holder. It has a clamp mount that is very easy to move around the boat but also keeps the rods very secure.

Pontoon boats offer a great fishing experience courtesy of their large and stable platform, and access to amenities like grills and drink caddies (see above).

Like many pontoon boat accessories, rod holders can be mounted in a number of ways. They can be mounted directly to the rail, installed on sidewalls, and even attached to seats and coolers.

Rod holders are a handy boating accessory for a few reasons: they keep rods secure, prevent tangling, and free up your hands for a drink or sunscreen duty with the kids.

Speaking of kids, rod holders are fantastic for fishing with your little ones. The holder prevents accidental rod drops in the water and assists kids so everyone can enjoy a fun day of fishing. It’s the extra pair of hands all parents need on the boat with the family.

Fishing rod holders also allow you to easily adjust and pivot your fishing rod tip in any direction. Most holders are adjustable and can accommodate many rod sizes. When choosing, you will have the option of holders for a single rod or multiple rods.

If you’re a fisherman, your vessel will likely be outfitted with a few of these to maximize convenience and time with bait in the water.

7. Yeti Coolers

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

The Yeti brand has become synonymous with enjoying the outdoors at their finest, and for a good reason! Disclaimer: these coolers do not come cheap, but you get what you pay for.

For pontooning, the YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler is a really good option. The wheels and handles making porting this cooler down to the dock a lot easier.

Yeti has a full lineup of coolers, ranging in size, hard or soft, and varying portability options including wheels, straps, and backpacks. The size of your thirsty crew and how long you plan to be out on the water will likely be your determining factor for what size and options you need.

So why are Yeti coolers so expensive anyway? We did some research and it turns out what’s on the inside really does count. Less expensive coolers use Styrofoam as the insulating material.

This goes down the scientific rabbit hole a little, but Yeti uses a process called rotomolding or rotational molding. This is the same plastic forming technique used for sea kayaks. During the molding process, polyethylene in powder form is added to the mix and the result is one-piece construction with max durability and cooling power.

The overall manufacturing process takes much longer and adds to the price. The pay-off is high-quality craftsmanship for your ship. Yeti also has its own accessory options, including fishing rod holders for the cooler.

In the rotomolded family, Amazon also has a commercial-grade option available. The Amazon Commercial Rotomolded Cooler is a slightly less expensive option with a very similar manufacturing process.

8. Pop-Up Changing Tent

This is a thing and they are the perfect accessory for your pontoon. A pontoon is like a whole floating cottage. You can go swimming, do some fishing, have a full-blown meal, and watch the sunset over a glass of wine.

In between all those things, you may need a little privacy to slip into something a little bit more swimmable or take off a wet suit after the day of splashing around. A pop-up changing room is an essential pontoon boat accessory.

A good quality option available on Amazon is the Your Choice Privacy Tent. I like this tent because it has absolutely no assembly, comes with a carrying bag, is durable, and comes in 6 color options.

These are not complicated. They are like a little pop-up tent with just enough room to superman into your pontoon next outfit. They are very portable, pack up small, and very easy to store on the boat, taking up virtually no space.

Pro tip: make sure there is a little space around you when you pop up your tent. They really spring into action. As soon as you pull it out of the storage bag, tada – you have a tent.

9. Lillipad Pontoon Diving Board

Lillipad Marine’s Pontoon Driving Board

Diving boards are a great accessory for your pontoon because they make accessing the beautiful water around you even more fun. Kids and adults alike will spend hours jumping into the deep blue.

Lillipad Marine’s Pontoon Driving Board is THE pontoon diving board. These diving boards can be mounted on any flat surface and work by canceling the energy of the jumper by counteracting the force within the framework of the diving board.

All this means a fantastic spring-loaded jump for the diver, nearly no movement for the rest of the people on the boat (don’t rock the boat), and very little stress on the surface of your pontoon. Win, win, win.

As a bonus, docking is made easy with a quick-release pin which allows the diving platform to drop down along the side of the boat while not in use.

10. Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are a great pontoon boat accessory because they expand your exploration reach! Let’s face it, pontoons are big and simply can’t go everywhere.

Inflatable kayaks are very easy to store on your pontoon. When they are deflated, they take up about as much room as a duffle bag. To inflate, simply unpack, fill with air, and about 5 minutes later you have yourself a kayak. Deflating takes about 10 minutes.

My best all-around pick in the inflatable kayak category is the Intex Challenger. This kayak is available as a K1 or K2 and tested best overall for carrying weight, inflation/deflation speed, durability, and versatility.

If you are looking to compare, also check out our list of the Best Inflatable Kayaks. This blog covers inflatable kayaks in more detail and shows the best kayaks for one person, two people, or three people on the market.

The materials of inflatable kayaks are extremely durable, and their safety ratings are around the same as their hardshell counterparts. There are literally YouTube videos of people driving over these things. They also don’t carry a huge weight load. They are made from synthetic rubber and plastic polymers and typically weigh about 25 pounds.

The capacity limit on inflatable kayaks ranges from kayak to kayak, so always double-check this before making a purchase. On the low end, these kayaks can support 250 pounds and on the high end they can support up to 500 pounds.

You can easily have a few of these on your pontoon and ready for your next adventure.


Turn your pontoon into a boater’s paradise. Whether you are out to enjoy some relaxation time with the family, have some fun with water sports, or just add some new activities to your boating trips, pontoon boat accessories can augment your pontoon ride.

Your pontoon boat will become the home base for a variety of added recreational and social activities all made easier with the right accessories for the job.

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