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Best Outboard Motor Stands

Working on an outboard engine is easier to do if you’ve got an easy way to mount the engine, and move it around your shop. You could rig up a pretty decent stand with a few 2x4s, but wouldn’t have the flexibility of moving the motor out of the way.

Modern outboard motor stands offer some great features and conveniences. You may need to work on your outboard boat motor during your spare time and must move it out of the way when not in use. Several stands offer casters on their base to make it easy to move around.

I’ve tested some of the most popular outboard motor stands and have come away with some great recommendations based on what I think makes the best outboard motor stands.

Best Stand for Outboard Motors 30HP and Under

If you tend to work on small outboard engines that are 30 horsepower or less, you can’t go wrong with the LeadAllWay 200lbs max motor stand. I tested this using a 9.9 Yamaha 2-stroke engine and a 20 HP Mercury 4-stroke. I’ve also used this motor mount to change the props on my trolling motor and debug some power issues.

The stand comes with two large wheelbases on the rear and acts as a dolly for your motor. I tend to prefer this when working on small engines so I don’t have to keep locking the front casters all the time.

I found this really added stability to the stand as I moved it around my shop. Once I put the outboard motor cart down, it stayed in place without having to brace the wheels or use wheel locks.

While the stand has a weight capacity of up to 200lbs, you don’t want to be moving around too large of a boat engine using the dolly system. For larger engines, I would want to have four casters instead.

I really appreciate the thick wood mounting block instead of metal. I miss it on old boats and it feels satisfying mounting on the outboard motor to a wood board again.

The height of the motor stand is sufficient to support any motor of transom height in the motor size range. With a 37″ clearance, you should be able to fit anything on this stand that is 30HP or under including long shaft motors.

Folding the motor stand for storage is not the easiest. You have to loosen the nuts halfway down which I keep pretty tight. I wish they made these a bit large so it would be easier to do by hand instead of having to get pliers each time.

Best Stand for Outboard Motors 30HP to 115HP

For midrange motors, the LeadAllWay Pro Heavy Duty engine stand is the best choice. The quality of this motor stand matches its smaller cousin but adds a few extra features to help manage larger motors.

Rear wheels have been replaced with double 8″ wheels for extra stability. Front casters have been added to be able to move the motor around with ease. I like the addition of the caster wheels for dealing with larger motors.

Mounting your motor is a breeze with the giant piece of solid wood. The mounting board has been made large enough to accommodate various mounting styles across all the different motor brands.

The outboard motor stand has a weight capacity of 330lbs. This means even the largest of the 4-stroke engines in their class can be used (like Evinrude and Honda).

My only complaint with this stand is the room it takes up. Make sure you have a good amount of space for this stand to occupy, especially when it has a large motor mounted on it.

Best Stand for Large Outboard Motors (115HP to 300+ HP)

For mechanics that work on the largest motors, the absolute best choice is the Sternmaster Large Outboard Motor Service Stand. The stand is built like a tank and is the Cadillac of outboard motor stands.

While I wish at this price point it used more stainless steel components, you can have the unit upgraded to a galvanized option. I personally would spend the extra $50 for the upgrade because the red paint will wear quickly. If you deal with saltwater at all, the upgrade to galvanized is a must.

While Sternmaster tends to make the best products, they don’t go overboard on features. The stand is very strong with high quality materials and can be customized with a serving tray and a battery shelf.

The stand has a weight capacity of 800lbs. Generally, that will support motors of 300HP and higher. The quality of the casters makes it easy to glide around an 800lbs motor.

The warranty for the outboard engine stand is pretty straightforward. For as long as you own it, Sternmaster guarantees. I love a company that stands by that kind of quality commitment.

Because of the size and customizations, you can’t order this off of Amazon. You must order directly from Sternmaster, and it’s not going to be coming to your door via UPS or FedEx. They ship these on a wood palette. That’s how heavy-duty these outboard motor stands are.

Motor Stands are about Safety and Convenience

The reason to get an outboard motor stand is the convenience of working in your shop safely, while you move the motor around. If you’re an automotive buff you may already have an engine mount, but what works for automotive doesn’t always translate to boating.

Buying a stand that works for you is most important. If you have a small outboard or are a small engine mechanic, then something lightweight and portable is best. Likewise, if you have a Suzuki 300DF, don’t try to rig that thing onto the LeadAllWay Pro.

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