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Deb Sauve

Deb Sauvé

Deb is a Canadian outdoor enthusiast, journalist, and photographer. Raised in rural Northern Ontario, Deb is no stranger to extreme environments, remote fishing spots, and great lakes boating.

Articles by Deb Sauvé

How to Dock a Boat DIY & How-To

How to Dock a Boat

For boating beginners, learning how to dock a boat properly and confidently is often more difficult than boating itself. Learn the best way to dock your boat depending on the current/wind direction.

Best Pontoon Boat Accessories Buyer Guides

Best Pontoon Boat Accessories

From adding durability to make sure your pontoon lasts for years to come to decking it out with recreational add-ons like inflatable toys, rod holders, boat grills, and more, explore the 10 best pontoon boat accessories below.

18 Types of Boats: Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Boats Boating

18 Types of Boats: Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Boats

Recreational boating continues to grow in popularity and there are different types of boats for all sorts of watersport activities and adventures.

Best Lakes in Michigan Lake Discovery

Best Lakes in Michigan

If you are looking for white-sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, look no further than Michigan! Continue reading to discover the best lakes in Michigan for your next freshwater adventure.

Best Lakes in Wisconsin Lake Discovery

Best Lakes in Wisconsin

There are over 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin, so it can be hard to decide on one for your next getaway.  Discover the 10 best lakes in Wisconsin for boating, fishing, day trips, and more.

How to Clean Boat Seats DIY & How-To

How to Clean Boat Seats

UV rays, sweat, sunscreen, and the build-up of grime can all wreak havoc on your seat cushions and marine upholstery over time. In this article, we will outline how to clean boat seats with preventative and corrective cleaning techniques.