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27 Funny Boat Names

Funny Boat Names

Just like humans, each boat has its own unique name that someone had to choose. This is what makes them even more special, especially for captains for whom choosing the right name is often a long and important process.

The boat naming started thousands of years ago when sailors named the boats after gods, goddesses, or saints hoping that they will keep them safe during their travels. Naming a boat was an extremely big deal since the name was the difference between having luck on their side and being lost somewhere on the open sea. It was believed that the name would determine the success of all future travels of the sailors and it was extremely important to choose a name that will keep the boat protected.

Over the years, sailors started naming their boats after important female figures (either personal or historical), and choosing the right name was always done carefully and only after thorough consideration.

Even today, the tradition has been kept alive and people name their boats after important persons or events in their life, but every once in a while, there's someone brave enough to spice it up with a bit of humor.

Is it something that will bring bad luck to the captain, or is it quite the opposite, who knows? But having a hilarious name surely is one of the things that makes a boat stand out in every harbor and brings a smile to everyone's face. And that's kinda the whole point, isn't it?

Whether you're looking for some ideas for naming your boat or are just looking for some entertainment, we're bringing a list of 20+ hilarious boat names that will make you laugh. Promised!

Unsinkable II

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? This is definitely a name that describes someone who never gives up and always looks at the bright side of life. We just hope that there will be no need for another boat named Unsinkable III, with a far too serious story behind it!

Error 404 – Fish not found

We all know the terrible 404 error that pops up on a website when you try to navigate to a page and it doesn't exist. Boat owners and fishermen apparently face the same issue on board. Too bad they can't hit the refresh button! But every captain can certainly hit all the right buttons with a funny name that perfectly describes the scenario.

Now who's the loser, dad?

Your dad probably wasn't the happiest person alive when you decided that you don't want to become a doctor, but now you do have enough money to buy your own boat. Even if he's not thrilled with the choices in your life, at least you can make him laugh with a name that proves that you have still made it.

Fish & Chicks

Whether you had the chance to visit the UK or not, you've probably heard about a classic UK meal called fish and chips. Wouldn't it be fun to mix up the words of the meal to get the perfect name for a cheat day?

The Other Woman

If the tradition says you need to name the boat after a woman, why not name it after the other one? After all, the boat is the first and last true love of every sailor. And he probably runs away from his husband's duties every once in a while to enjoy the time alone with the one that won't let him drown…down, we mean down!

Wood Too – Wood Not

Well, if this isn't the combination that all siblings must have! Two wooden boats with a pretty clear message. We all know the struggle of trying to win an argument with your sibling. And this is a great way to take the whole “fight” to the next level.

Drug Money

This is not quite the right name if you want to avoid being stopped by the harbor patrol while enjoying your time aboard. The only thing you can hope for is that the officers have a great sense of humor

She got the house

Sounds like a pretty heavy divorce, but it also seems like a pretty good deal! If the boat at least has a cabin to sleep in…And a kitchen…A toilet would also be nice…


Each of us has its own addiction and soft spot. Let the world know that you're not ashamed of yours!

Forever young

Don't let anyone fool you into believing that you have to grow up. You are as old as you feel. And so is your boat.

Going broke

Buying a boat is quite an investment. While some people finally get the wanted promotion or have been carefully saving their money for years, others decide to go with the flow and buy a boat without having a real financial plan. How to turn such a tragedy into comedy? Name your boat after it!


Let's be honest, we all get tired of other people's bull…ship! You could be the hero among us who is brave enough to say it out loud and give your boat a proper name that will let everyone know that you won't be putting up with anyone's bull…ship.

Water U lookin' At?

Nothing special to see here! Just a sailor and its boat. Sailing around, having the time of their life.

Sottaly Tober

A great name for letting everyone know you're completely sober. No reason to doubt!

Pier pressure

A wordplay at its best. Everyone around you owns a boat and it was too hard to handle the peer pressure on the pier. You just didn't have a choice.

She'll get over it

She told you multiple times that you don't have enough money to buy a boat…Well, surprise! Now you can only hope she'll really get over it.

Zombies Can't Swim

You were always terrified of these creatures when you were a child. Luckily, you're an adult now and you left your childhood traumas far behind. Still, it's good to know that zombies won't be able to catch you since they can't swim.

Forced Family Fun

Gotta love those family weekends! Especially when there's no way to leave the room.

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

It's funny because it's true! And you can always get away with it. And a margarita. Cheers!

Still paying it off

Share your struggle with the world. We know it's a hard one!

Practical Investment

What's more practical than investing in a boat?

No Money Wasted

No doubt, it was worth it! Every single penny. Now go ahead and enjoy your onboard time and let the world know that this wasn't a middle-age-crisis mistake, but a dream of yours. Go for it!

Vitamin Sea

Staying healthy is important and sometimes quite hard. Spending time all by yourself and relaxing far away from your everyday responsibilities is a perfect way to reset and recharge. And to be honest, sometimes the only thing we all really need is just a bit of vitamin sea.

I like big boats and I cannot lie

If you can already hear MC Hammer's song that has a pretty similar name in your head, congratulations – you get the joke!

We like the song, we like the name of the boat. And there's really nothing wrong with liking big…boats and not lying about it.

In a Meeting

Nobody likes to be distracted during an important meeting. This is a great message to let the world know that you're currently not available…Probably for the whole weekend.

Favorite mistake

Maybe buying a boat wasn't the smartest decision you ever made, but at least now, when things get really hard, you can always sail away. And it's good to know that the only thing you learned from this mistake is that it's your favorite one, so feel free to enjoy it!

We hope that our list of funny boat names has put a smile on your face and has given you a few ideas that will help you with choosing the right name for your boat. Of course, you can always name it after someone or something extremely important to you, but if you're just looking for a unique idea that will make you and everyone around you laugh, this is a great way to start brainstorming.

It's great to know that today, although naming a boat is still a pretty big deal, it's doesn't have to be too serious and you can play around with it. Whether you decide to keep it simple or want to add a bit of humor to your sailing story, we're sure that you already have some creative ideas in mind that will make your boat stand out in every single harbor. Good luck, Captain!

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